**Update**: Due to volume of orders (thank you) and our previously advised annual holiday no more new orders can be processed and despatched before 3rd August 2021.

Dog Afternoon Tea


Treat your dog to a wonderful Dog Afternoon Tea with our platter of fancy dog treats.
As you tuck into your afternoon delights now your beloved pooch can join in too.

Gift boxed and personalised with your dog’s name, each Dog Afternoon Tea Box contains:

  • – 1 Jam and Cream Scone
  • – 2 Mini Sausage Rolls
  • – 1 Large Gingerbread Man Cookie
  • – 1 Personalised Muffin sized Cupcake
  • – 1 Chocolate Eclair
  • – 1 Large Chocolate Gourmet Donut
  • – 1 Mini Apple Tart
  • – 1 Chocolate Strawberry Tart
  • – 1 Mini Ice-Cream Cornet
  • – 1 Chocolate Bourbon Biscuit
  • – 1 Jammie Dogger
  • – 2 Mini Dognuts

*Very Important* Please input dog’s name for Personalised Dog Afternoon Tea Box and Cupcake in ‘Order Notes’ at the Checkout.
Unless advised differently in Order Notes Gingerbread Man, Personalised Cupcake & Donuts decorated: Boy Dogs – Gold / Girl Dogs – Pink

Easter Dog Treats


Personalised Luxury ‘I Woof You’ Easter Dog Treats!!

Our Easter Dog Treats will have your dog’s tail wagging and their mouth watering? What pooch would not love receiving this selection of hand-made natural, tasty and healthy Easter dog treats!!

Due to Covid 19 working restrictions do order early as Only a Limited Number will be Available!!

Gift boxed and personalised with your dog’s name, each Easter Dog Treat Box contains:

  • – 1 Large Easter Bunny
  • – 2 Medium Easter Bunnies
  • – 2 Medium Easter Egg Cookies
  • – 2 Medium Easter Bunny Faces with chocolate noses
  • – 1 Medium ‘Easter’ Dog Bone
  • – 4 Treat Size Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • – 1 (If chosen) Large Personalised Easter Egg Biscuit

These delicious fancy Easter Dog Treats like all Ruffles Dog Treats are the natural treat option for your pet. Remember we add no sugar, salt or preservatives…. Just tasty healthy ingredients.

*Very Important* Please input dog’s name for Personalised Gift Box and Easter Egg in ‘Order Notes’ at the Checkout.

Large Cookie – Smartie Pants


This large doggy cookie is perfect for celebrating your Dog’s Birthday, Gotcha Day or just as a ‘I Woof You’ Treat.
The Cookie can be personalised with:

  • – Just your Dog’s Name
  • – Happy Birthday and Dog’s Name
  • – Happy Gotcha Day and Dog’s Name
  • – Dog’s Name and Age
  • – A three word Message of your choosing.

One box contains 1 x Large 9″ Banana Cookie
*Very Important* Please input dog’s name and if required chosen message along with the date required in ‘Order Notes’ at the Checkout.