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Dog Afternoon Tea


Treat your dog to a wonderful Dog Afternoon Tea with our platter of fancy dog treats.
As you tuck into your afternoon delights now your beloved pooch can join in too.

Gift boxed and personalised with your dog’s name, each Dog Afternoon Tea Box contains:

  • – 1 Jam and Cream Scone
  • – 2 Mini Sausage Rolls
  • – 1 Large Gingerbread Man Cookie
  • – 1 Personalised Muffin sized Cupcake
  • – 1 Chocolate Eclair
  • – 1 Large Chocolate Gourmet Donut
  • – 1 Mini Apple Tart
  • – 1 Chocolate Strawberry Tart
  • – 1 Mini Ice-Cream Cornet
  • – 1 Chocolate Bourbon Biscuit
  • – 1 Jammie Dogger
  • – 2 Mini Dognuts

*Very Important* Please input dog’s name for Personalised Dog Afternoon Tea Box and Cupcake in ‘Order Notes’ at the Checkout.
Unless advised differently in Order Notes Gingerbread Man, Personalised Cupcake & Donuts decorated: Boy Dogs – Gold / Girl Dogs – Pink

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Dog Afternoon Tea Composition:


Cookies/Biscuit Treats: Wholemeal flour, smooth organic peanut butter, creamy oats, carob powder for the chocolate biscuits and ginger for the gingerbread man.

Cupcake/Scone/Choc Eclair Treats: Smooth organic peanut butter, wholemeal self raising flour, homemade apple puree, apple chunks and grated carrots.

Finally we decorate all of the dog afternoon tea cookies and cakes to resemble our human treats with Armitage dog-friendly ‘Good Boy Milk Drops’ chocolate. Natural Milk Drops for White and for coloured topping and icing we use only natural colorants: Pink: Beetroot Powder (tastes like strawberry), Gold: Turmeric, Green: Wheatgrass and Brown: Carob ‘Good Boy Chocolate Drops’.

We bake fresh to order and despatch direct to you within a day of baking.

On receipt of delivery we suggest storing your treats in the refrigerator within the treat box.
Biscuit based treats stored correctly should have a shelf life of 4 weeks or more and cake based treats 7-10 days.

Typical Analysis – Protein 14.5%, Oils & Fats 11.6%, Crude Fibre 1.6%, Ash 3.0%, Moisture 8.2%

Feeding Guide: Ruffles Dog Bakery treats are a complementary dog food, so  please feed them to your dog as part of a well balanced diet. Always check with your vet if you are unsure about any of the ingredients.

Always make sure that fresh drinking water is available when offering your dog a treat.

Customer reviews on Ruffles Dog Treats

Celebrate them being one of the family!

Dogs only ever want to make their hoomans happy! They are great at reducing our stress and are always there when you need some comfort. For all the benefits they bestow on us, shouldn’t we repay that unconditional love, affection and loyalty with a yummy Ruffles Dog Afternoon Tea!!

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